Rental Equipment

As most residential tasks require special tools and machines, using high-grade materials is necessary for optimal results. However, not all homeowners have every piece of equipment in storage, especially since most supplies are expensive.

Ham Lake Hardware Hank aims to make home care and maintenance easier for every customer with our extensive list of rental services. Our selection includes lawn and garden utilities, moving equipment, hand tools, ladders, and floor care machines. We also provide electrical contracting equipment, painting instruments, cement mixers, and power tools for individuals looking to renovate their houses.

Take a look below at some of our available rental services. Note that any damages to the rental equipment, machine, or tool will be charged to the customer.

Our catalog of concrete equipment includes high-quality tools suited for any masonry and cement project. We provide bull floats, chop saws, diamond blades, masonry saws, tile saws, and concrete mixers.

DIY construction and renovation take tremendous time and effort. If you want quality and efficiency from start to finish, having the right set of tools is a must. Our contractor rental selection includes jackhammers, nailers, post hole diggers, hammer drills, pressure washers, roller magnets, and shingle shovels. We also offer extension cords, 3000-watt generators, compressors, and air hoses.

Floor Care
Keep your floors and carpets spick and span with regular cleaning and proper care. Take your pick from our carpet and floor-related selection, which includes the following: carpet cleaner, floor scrubber, knee-kicker, carpet stretcher, floor roller, and wet and dry vacuum.

Hand Tools
We offer a variety of hand tools for home repairs and improvements. Our rental list includes bolt cutters, pickaxes, post drivers, metal detectors, conduit benders, and heat guns.

Jacks and Hoists
Lifting heavy objects, like vehicles and pallet stacks, requires the use of jacks and hoists. Our shop provides floor jacks, hydraulic jacks, pallet jacks, and Come Along hoists.

Ladders and Scaffolds
Home improvements, repairs, and cleaning are some of the main uses of ladders and scaffolds. We can provide rental services for step ladders, aluminum extension ladders, rolling scaffolds, scaffolds with safety rails, and scaffolding planks.

Moving Equipment
Moving appliances and heavy equipment are easier with dolly carts. Our available options include an appliance dolly, a box dolly, and a 4-wheel dolly.

Lawn and Garden
Taking care of your lawn and garden is not a quick fix. The task has many different aspects that each require a unique set of tools. Be sure that you're well-equipped for every task with our lawn and garden machines and instruments. Among our equipment-for-rent are power aerators, bed and lawn edgers, gas chainsaws, fertilizer spreaders, string trimmers, power rakes, lawnmowers, and sod cutters.

Whether you’re painting walls or replacing wallpapers, using the right tools produces the best results. We can provide you with texture sprayers, airless sprayers, and wallpaper steamers.

Repair and maintenance of your plumbing systems are best left to the pros, but if you want to fix problems with your own hands, be sure you have the proper equipment. Our rental services can provide you with submersible pumps, sewer snakes, water pressure gauges, discharge hoses, and different types of plumbing wrenches.

Power Tools
Convenience, efficiency, and precision are some of the benefits of using a power tool for home repairs and maintenance. Our selection includes circular saws, drills, electric impact wrenches, screw guns, and hole saws.