How To Clean a Rusty Saw Blade

September 14, 2022

Rusty Saw Blade

Tools require routine maintenance and equipment tune-ups if you want them to operate efficiently. Saw blades, in particular, need frequent cleaning to prevent rust from accumulating over time. If your metal tool already has corrosion buildup, here are some tips for cleaning your rusty saw blade.

Chemical Solution

If you want a fast way of removing layers of corroded metal, a chemical solution may be your best option. This approach dissolves iron oxide instantly and protects your tools with anti-rust film. 

There are two kinds of chemical solutions: acidic and neutral. The acidic variation doesn't require rinsing and additional application, but it should only come into contact with the rusty areas of the blade, as the solution can destroy unaffected metal. Meanwhile, a neutral solution works well on dense rust and doesn't corrode intact metal, but the product's market price tends to be expensive.

Rust Remover

The specific purpose of the rust remover spray makes it a go-to method for many tool owners. You can apply the product to your rusty saw blade, leave it for 24 hours, and use a wire brush to reveal your tool's clean surface.

In some cases, brushing alone isn't effective in removing rust. When this happens, it's best to sand your blade with a metal file or a wire brush attached to a screwdriver. Once done, apply a final coat of rust remover to protect your tool against corrosion.

How to Use the Rust Remover

There are two ways to apply the rust remover to your tool: spraying and submerging. With the first approach, you'd have to use the application rod to apply the spray directly to your saw blade. The rod allows you to reach otherwise inaccessible corners of your razor tool, providing a more thorough clean. After spraying, wait for ten minutes, and then brush off the residue.

When cleaning multiple blades, spray each tool individually before proceeding with the rust brushing. If you want a more precise application, use a double-position variation, which only requires a single gesture to spray each blade.

For the second method, fill a container with the rust remover liquid and submerge your saw blades. Let the tools settle to wash off the iron oxide buildup effectively.

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