How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

June 27, 2022

Building, remodeling, or renovating a house involves many structural and design choices. One pivotal selection, in particular, is finding the most fitting interior paint colors for your rooms.

While it may seem that picking from a sea of bright and neutral tones is just a quick decision, there's actually more to the process than that. The hues you choose will ultimately affect the style and feel of your rooms, so take your time combing through the paint color catalog before making your final selections.

Match Your Color Scheme With Your Furniture

The impressive number of interior paint colors can be pretty intimidating. You can narrow down your selection with two steps: by trying to focus on the seven core colors in the paint spectrum and by matching your palette with your furniture. Take a look below to learn how to create a color scheme:

  1. Look around your home and pick three colors from objects such as upholstery, clothing, or decor. At the store, select three sample strips that match the item's colors, which should give you up to 18 options as there are six hues per strip.
  2. Out of the three initial colors you’ll choose, pick one as the primary wall color. The two paint options you didn’t select will be used for fabrics and furnishings in your room.
  3. To find a color for adjoining rooms in your home, select a tone from the paint sample strips you have.
  4. The last step is to choose a fourth color as an accent for every room. This hue's purpose is to give every room an aesthetic connection.

Factor in the Finish if You Want Visual Effects

When choosing interior paint colors, one aspect you should never ignore is the type of finish you wish to use. The acrylic not only protects by improving stain resistance but also enhances the textural effects of your surfaces. Keep the following things in mind when planning for your wall visual effects:

  • Glossier paints create more sheen, thus drawing more attention to your walls
  • Ceilings with light-reflective finishes create the illusion of being higher

Depending on your style preference, you can play around with mixing color and gloss to achieve your desired results. To produce a velvet or corduroy effect whenever light hits your walls, use a flat or satin finish on one surface and a semi-gloss sheen on an adjacent side. For a contrast of matte and sheen effect, use flat paint on your walls and a semi-gloss type on your ceiling.

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